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  1. Close a job

  2. Reopen a closed job

1. Close a job

A job can be closed at any given time in Vincere regardless of the status of any Candidate(s).

To close a job head to list of Jobs > Select a Job > Actions > Close

πŸ”₯ PRO TIP: You can close as many jobs as you like all in one click. Simply select all the jobs you want to close > Actions > Close.

You can also close a job from within the job profile. Select a Job > Actions > Close:

Before closing a job, we'll ask you 3 things:

1. The reason why you’re closing the jobs(s)?

2. If you want to reject the active candidates and cancel interviews with candidates and contacts?

3. If you want to send thank you letter to the rejected candidates?

πŸ”₯ IMPORTANT: Once a candidate is placed in a job, the job will be closed automatically IF the job headcount has been met. You do not need to manually close jobs after each placement.

2. Reopen a closed job

Need to place more candidates in a closed job but stuck on how to reopen the job?

Note: These options will reopen the job but if you have a Open/Close job status it will not change and needs to be changed manually. Also for the first 2 methods please remember to change the headcount if necessary

There are 3 ways to reopen a job:

1. From the Job's Chevron select any closed jobs > Actions > Reopen:

2. Within the Job profile > Actions > Reopen

3. Within the Job Profile, change the number of the headcount

πŸ”₯ PRO TIP: There is no limit on the headcount. You can place as many people as you like!


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