Vincere uses DaXtra CV Parsing, which has a rich structured data output in well-defined XML schema for CV/resume.Β 

Daxtra CV Parsing is a program that can analyse a document, and extract from it the elements of what the writer actually meant to say. In the case of a CV the information is all about skills, work experience, education, contact details and achievements. Daxtra comes with Multilingual CV parsing technology built in and is consistently benchmarked as the highest overall CV parsing accuracy across multiple languages.

To use the Automated Bulk Parsing inside Vincere you will need credits on the system which covers the cost from Daxtra to use Auto Bulk Parsing.

Cost and Credits πŸ’²

Bulk Auto Parsing is charged by Daxtra through Vincere, to support this cost Vincere provide a number of Free of Charge Credits.

  1. Vincere will credit your account with 500 credits at the start of our relationship - free of charge
  2. Vincere will credit a further 500 credits per month - free of charge

What if I use all of my credits?Β 

To purchase more credits its really simple - let us know how many you want and provide our finance team with your credit card details. We can then top up your account with the selected credits.

  • 1,000 Credits = $100
  • 5,000 Credits = $450
  • 10,000 Credits = $800
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