Candidate Portal

Everything you need to know about setting up your Candidate Portal

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Key features of Candidate Portal:

  • Data sync ✅

  • Customizable Profile fields ✅

  • Onboarding fields ✅

  • Integration ✅

  • GDPR compliant ✅

What is the Candidate Portal? 

The Candidate Portal is a feature that’s part of our Engagement Hub, which allows you to create a mobile-responsive web page where you can post your open Jobs, and Candidates can apply for them. Candidates can then head over to your website and create their own portals where they can update details, upload CVs and easily apply for jobs - and it's GDPR compliant! 🙌

Setting up the Candidate Portal

You can access, view and edit your Candidate Portal settings by going to your engagement hub settings. 

Head over to Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup 

Then, enable Candidate Portal where you'll be able to customize and configure the portal. Here you can configure:


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