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Candidate Portal | Profile fields
Candidate Portal | Profile fields

Candidate portal fields

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Head over to Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup > Candidate Portal > Settings > Profile fields 

  • Set Fields as Required 

Required fields are linked to the Completeness Progress Bar, as a visual cue to remind your candidates to update all the required fields.

Considerations When Requiring Fields

Before making a field required, it’s important to consider the following:

  1. User Experience: Requiring too many fields can overwhelm candidates and slow down data entry processes. It’s crucial to strike a balance between data integrity and user experience.

  2. Business Requirements: The decision to require a field should be driven by business requirements. If the information is necessary for business processes or decision-making, then the field should likely be required.

You can read further information about Candidate Profile and Document Completeness here

  • Show on Profile 

Decide if you’d like to hide or show fields simply by using the toggles.

You can also decide from here if when completing details for Work Experience, Education, Skill and Compensation, Candidates need to provide:

  • at least one info type OR 

  • at least one of the fields OR

  • not required.

Don't forget to hit the SAVE button! 

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