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Candidate Portal | Site Legals
Candidate Portal | Site Legals
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Head over to Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup > Candidate Portal > Site Legals

  • Terms and Conditions set out what’s expected from both you and your users. The agreement can be used to manage your users’ activity and expectations, and to protect your company from legal issues.

  • Privacy Policy explains to your users how you’ll be using their personal data, what steps you’ve taken to keep it safe, and how they can exercise their rights over their personal data.

By uploading the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy documents into this section, the candidates will be asked to accept these when they apply via the Instant Job Board.

Only documents in PDF format can be uploaded.

To enable multiple languages in your Instant Job Board & Candidate Portal, you will need to add the T&C's in the languages that you would like to enable. Just like this below:

For more info on how to add multiple languages to your job portal. Click here

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