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Candidate Portal | Onboarding process
Candidate Portal | Onboarding process

Configuring the registration process on the Candidate Portal

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Head over to Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup > Candidate Portal > Settings > Onboarding Process

The Onboarding process setting is where you customize the onboarding or registration process when your candidates registers for a new account on the portal.

By default, Vincere’s candidate registration includes these 3 steps:

  1. Upload Resume | Portfolio

  2. Compensation

  3. Jobs

You can toggle the sections on and off on the right hand side to show/disable steps, and you can reorder the steps by clicking and dragging the arrows on the left.

Want to give your candidates the option to skip uploading their CV during the registration/onboarding process? Click Here.

Don’t forget to hit ‘save’ for the changes to go-live 🚀

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