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Vincere Platform Updates: V24.2.2 ✨ (8th June '24)
Vincere Platform Updates: V24.2.2 ✨ (8th June '24)

Check below for all things new and enhanced inside Vinny- version v24.2.2 (June '24)

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Release Date: Saturday 8th June 2024

Downtime: Yes - your Vincere account might be temporarily unavailable from:

08/06/24 @ approx 4am-11am (BST)

Our product team works tirelessly to bring you fantastic new features and productivity enhancements to make Vinny better and better each day.


✅ Core Updates

💰 TimeTemp Updates

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✨ Bulk update Candidate sub-status

We're excited to announce a brand new feature allowing you to quickly update candidate sub-statuses for up to 100 candidates at once. It’s a fantastic time saver and allows you to keep your candidate database up-to-date in real time, in just a few clicks

What's changed?

Simply select all the candidates (up to 100) you wish to update > head to actions and click "Update sub status"

Select the sub-status you want to add to the candidate(s) from the drop-down menu

Hit save and Voilà ✨

The new skills & tags will be added to the candidates records in seconds

What does this change mean for me?

Sub-statuses are a great way to see exactly what stage your candidates are at in the application pipelines, a candidate can have multiple sub-statues as each sub-status is per application, not per candidate.

Bulk updating allows for:

  • Bulk Status Updates: Users can easily update the sub-status of multiple candidate applications after a mass screening or interview round.

  • Consistent Tracking: Ensures consistent and accurate tracking of application statuses across a large number of candidates, improving the overall workflow and data integrity.

💡 TIP: Remember, sub statuses are custom to each business and can be configured in settings - don't forget to configure for your individual business processes.

✨ Bulk tag Industries, Functional Expertise & Skills (for Contacts)

We're excited to announce a brand new feature allowing you to quickly update up to 100 contacts at once with:

  • Industries & sub industries

  • Functional expertise & sub functional expertise

  • Skills

It’s a fantastic time saver and allows you to keep your contacts database up-to-date in real time, in just a few clicks.

What's changed?

Simply select all the contacts you wish to update > head to actions and click "add tags"

Select the tags you want to add to the contacts(s) from the coding drop-downs

Hit save and the new skills & tags will be added to the contacts records in seconds

💡 TIP: You can also utilise this feature from the advanced search view too. Great for identifying any contacts that meet your search criteria, and then easily bulk updating their skills in in just a few clicks


  • This feature will only append additional tags to contacts, it will not override existing tags.

  • If a contact already has an industry tag for example “Accounting”, and the user tries to bulk add the same industry again (Accounting), Vincere will not create a duplicate tag. The previous tag will remain.

  • Sub industry/sub functional expertise child dropdown selections are dictated by parent industry/functional expertise.

  • Skills is a free text field.

✨ Reorder Candidate Work History

This update allows users to re-order the work history of a candidate with a simple drag & drop action ensuring the most relevant work experience is always front and center of the candidates record

👉 What's changed

Simply navigate to the work history section on a candidate profile, select the desired row you wish to move and drag & drop to save the change. Vincere will automatically adjust the row number accordingly.

Note: By default, work history will be added in chronological date order, unless you choose to manually change the order i.e. most important experience to the top, regardless of date.

✨ Reorder Custom Field values

This update allows users to reorder the dropdown options for custom fields with a simple drag & drop action ensuring custom fields are as accurate as possible for your business

👉 What's changed?

Previously, users were unable to edit the order of custom field dropdowns for example lists, multiple selection fields, radio button fields and checkbox fields. This could become problematic if new options were added at a later date, resulting in the new options being displayed in the wrong order.

This exciting upgrade now allows users to re-order the custom field options with a simple drag & drop action, resulting in completely configurable custom fields options for your business, even if the dropdowns need to be edited, months or even years down the line.

Simple navigate to the custom fields you wish to edit (from settings > field configuration) and drag & drop the values to your desired order. This will then be reflected on the front end of the Candidate / Contact / Job / Company / Placement profiles.

✨ Job leads are now visible on Company & Contact profiles

We're excited to be bringing job leads to company and contact profiles. This new update allows users to instantly recognise if a company or contact they're working with has job lead(s) attached to them

👉 What's changed?

Previously, users weren't able to easily see if companies or contacts had job leads associated with them meaning key details could be missed unless specifically checking the job leads pipeline in the CRM.

We're delighted to be upgrading this feature, ensuring job leads are now visible in all areas of the CRM, including:

  • Company quick view

  • Company long view

  • Contact quick view

  • Contact long view

  • Company job stats filter

  • Contact job stats filter

Users can click on the job leads chevron for both companies and contacts which will automatically open up a filtered table view of those associated job leads ready for the user to action accordingly.

💰 TimeTemp Updates

✨ Candidates can now submit total hours worked for timesheets (opt in feature)

Please note: This feature is opt in per customer. If you'd like us to enable for you, please reach out to our support team and let us know, otherwise it will be disabled for all customers by default.

In this update we're giving candidates the ability to input total hours worked per timesheet week without the need to fill in start and end times

This new toggle provides candidates with a super-fast option to quickly input total hours worked where their agency doesn't require start time/end time shift details. This new feature is in addition to the current workflow where candidates can still add start time and end times if required by the agency.

👉 What's changed?

When viewing their online timesheet on the web, candidates can now switch between two timesheet modes:

  • Total hours: manually input total hours worked, regardless of start / end times

  • Details: input start / end times, TimeTemp will calculate total hours worked

This new option provides another way for candidates to submit their hours quick and easy, ensuring a great experience all-round.

- end -

Delivered via the #VLY Sprint with feedback directly from our customers 🧡

👉 Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep delivering.

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