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Vincere Platform Updates: v19.8 ✨ (July '23)
Vincere Platform Updates: v19.8 ✨ (July '23)
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Core Updates

1. Quick Add Job Upgrades

1.1 Configurable Quick Add Job

• You can now configure the Quick Add Job form and customize fields based on Job types.

• You also have the option to add Custom Fields to the form.

• Add more fields and sections, or remove and hide them from the Quick Add Job section.

• You can also re-arrange and reorder the fields and sections.

• Choose from a list of standardized fields.

• Located in Field Configuration > Job Fields.

• Set fields as Mandatory in the Quick Add Job section.

For more information on how to arrange and add new fields to this layout, you can refer to our help article here

1.2 Updated UI

• The Job Type field will now be displayed at the top of the Quick Add Job form.

• When creating a Job, you will only see the Job types that you have been assigned to.

Note: Job types are associated with the brands you belong to.

• New Quick Shortlist field to easily search for Candidates and shortlist them to the job.

• The job address field now allows you to search the job address locations

• The order of the Pay & Bill fields has been rearranged to make data entry more intuitive.

• Primary Job owner is now automatically assigned to a Job.

• You can expand or minimize the form to view or hide the sections.

Important Note: The quick add job upgrades will not be applicable to the Mobile App or when adding jobs via API.

2. New Stage/Chevron: Applications

• New chevron added to the ATS pipeline to help you sort applications coming from different Job boards (e.g., Engage, Portals).

• New setting for retrieving Broadbean and LogicMelon candidate applications.

• New Job action to move Candidates from the Applications stage to the Shortlisted stage.

• Option to add Candidates to the Applications stage of other jobs.

• Ability to move Candidates back from the Shortlisted stage to the Applications stage.

• New Columns in the ATS tables: Applied Date and Application User.

• New application statuses in the ATS: New | Recruiter, Pending and Rejected.

• The Applications table also gives you the option of filtering Candidates, creating Smart Views, and adding Candidates to Talent Pools.

• Company, Contact, and Job records will now display the new stage.

• Candidates in the Applications stage will now be included in the forecast calculation of Active Applications for Jobs and to Placement Probability by stage.

• Applied Date and Application User are added to the Data Export Scheduler fields.

• Now you can import Candidates at the Application Stage as 'Applications' on the Data Import file.

• Advanced Search fields have been updated to let you search for candidates at the Applications stage.

Important notes:

• Candidate applications from Engage and Portals will now be added to the 'Applications' stage instead of the Shortlisted stage.

• Your current Broadbean and Logic Melon settings in Vinny's Marketplace will remain unchanged until you update them.

• Idibu's retrieval settings will be the same until Idibu updates the options for retrieval settings.

3. Archived Candidate UI Updates

• Easily search for archived candidates with the new ‘Search’ bar.

• You now have the option to sort or filter the archived records.

• Undo archived Candidates from the Admin Settings > Archived Candidates page.

• Select archived candidates per page.

Pay & Bill Updates:

4. New Data Export: Timesheets

• Ability to export details of submitted, approved, rejected and unapproved timesheets through the Data Export.

• New Data Filters: Timesheet Status & Time frame (Item Date, submitted date) when exporting timesheets.

5. Improved Placement Workflow

• New quick and easy ‘Place’ action in the ATS.

Before: You would need to click 'Actions' inside placement details and select 'Move to Place' to place a candidate once you choose the action 'Place' from the ATS.

After: As soon as you select 'Place' from the ATS, you can now make a placement by selecting the new button 'Place' outside of the 'Actions' dropdown.

• With FastTrack placements, you can create the placement and send the information to FastTrack in one click now with the updated 'Place & Send' button.

6. New ATS Column: Placement Owner

• Additional column in the ATS table to display the owner/s of a placement.

• Search or Filter placement owners.

Note: Placement Owners are the users listed in the Profit Split section of a placement.

7. New Time Management: TimeTemp & FastTrack360

• Ability to place a candidate in both TimeTemp and FastTrack.

• Now you can manage your TimeTemp contractors and temp workers' payroll on FastTrack360.

8. Send booking confirmation to past placements

• Client booking confirmations can now be sent for Finished or Terminated placements.

Note: This action is not applicable to Cancelled placements.

Volcanic Updates:

9. Volcanic | New Job Field Mapping Fields

• You can now map Engage or Portals Application URLs to Volcanic.

Note: On the job preview page, you can choose which Portal sites the Candidates will apply to if you have multiple sites.

Portals & Engage Updates

10. Job URL Generator enhancements

• We have renamed the ‘EHub URL’ button to ‘Job URL’

• Previously you could only generate job URLs for Engage, now you can also generate them for Portals.

Note: You can select which Portal site you want to generate the URL for if you have multiple Portal sites.

11. Add new Candidate Applications to the Applications stage

Before: All candidate applications automatically shortlisted to a Job inside Vincere.

After: All new Applications will now be added to ‘Applications’ stage.

Intelligence Updates

12. Monitor engagement with Vincere by department

Dashboard: User Engagement

The data exported from the User Engagement dashboard is now enriched with information on consultant’s Locations, Branches, Brands, Divisions, and Teams.

You can now export the User Engagement data to better monitor each department’s usage of Vincere and correctly map this data.

13. Choose your own Date Format for Date Fields in the Forecaster dashboard

Dashboard: The Forecaster

All dates displayed in the Forecaster dashboard will be in the format you’ve chosen in your User Settings:

14. Additional Timesheet information in the AWR Report

Dashboard: AWR Report

The AWR Report now includes the timesheet Date Range. Now you can collect timesheet information from one location.

15. Previous year jobs added into the Active Pipeline and Job Health-check reports

The Active Pipeline and Job Health-Check Reports now include the Jobs created from the previous year, that you’re still working on.

This way you can better manage your active pipeline when the new year starts:

16. Pull filtered reports by Screen View

Dashboard: User Engagement

From now on you can export the data from the User Engagement dashboard, matching your filtered activities and the exact information you see on your screen:

You can still download all your User Engagement data, including the drill-down report data, by clicking on the button to get the detail file:

17. Filter your Job Stats by specific Company and Job status

Job stats will now include 2 additional filters: Company ID and Job Status. This enables you to drill down your Job data on a specific company and on Job status (either open, closed, or both):

You now have access to a variety of use cases, such as:

• Assess consultant’s productivity, client-wise

• Consultant’s performance, client-wise

• Job Aging report, for the currently open vacancies, client-wise

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