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How to navigate the Candidate Quick View

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1. Header & Pipeline


Many key details can be found here, including the candidate name, job title, current employer, current address, contact details, time since last activity, whether they have an original CV uploaded (Orange document next to candidates name if yes. Red document if no original CV is uploaded), brand of the candidate, current status and candidate owner.

Did you know? You can access their social media profiles in the upper right hand corner! If the symbol is gray you only need to manually enter their personal links.


In the Candidate pipeline you can see the possible stages your candidate is in various applications. You can check the process if you spec’ed/floated your candidate and even have a visual representation of the tasks involving your candidate.

2. Experience

Active Applications: A list of all the Applications the candidate is involved in

Application Actions:

You can perform actions on your Candidate’s applications straight from their Quick View. For each application you can rate your Candidate out of 5 stars based on the desired competencies and skills for that role (read more about that HERE), progress your Candidate through to the next stage of the application, or reject your Candidate.

NOTE: You will see the active applications of your Candidate here; where they are between the Floated to Offered stages, not including placed roles or roles they are rejected from.

Candidate Brief: Notes added by the user regarding the candidate can be edited here

Work History: The candidates work history as well as current employer, which can be edited here

Education: Education history of the candidate

3. LinkedIn

In this section you can have a view of the candidate's LinkedIn profile if you add it manually or the candidate was added from LinkedIn using Velocity. If you don't see anything in this section, just select “search on LinkedIn” to incorporate the candidate's account. For more information on Velocity, please click HERE.

4. CV

In this section, you can see the available CV’s uploaded to their profile. The original CV you uploaded and any formatted versions you have used to send to clients will be included here.

5. Details

This section will include any important details about the client such as what Talent Pools they are involved in, the candidate's owner, source, industries, expertise and salary. This section is configurable through “Field Configuration” for more information click HERE

6. Brief

In the Brief section of candidate quick view you can see any notes associated with the candidate as well as edit existing notes or create a new note with a different title.

7. Activities

Take a look here, you will see all meetings, comments, and actions taken on the candidate, and see exactly who in your company did the action and when.

8. Emails

As long as your email account is connected (see HERE for information on how to do this) any email correspondence you have had with the candidate will show in this tab, including the sent date, time, content of the email, attachments, and which consultant sent the email.

9. SMS

This section will involve any SMS correspondence between your company and the candidate. If you’re interested in utilizing our SMS feature see the help center on how to set up a Twilio account (Twillio is a third party app and requires a separate subscription). For more information on Twilio click HERE

10. Availability

This is where you can see the availability calendar of the candidate, which can either be requested from the candidate or completed by the recruiter through email. You can read all about this HERE

11. Actions

Check the upper right-hand corner “Actions” to find many quick actions you can apply to your candidate.

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