Seamlessly connecting with your Candidates & Contacts through SMS

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How to Set up:

  1. Head over to Settings > Marketplace and enable Twilio. 

Enter your Twilio account details;

  • Phone Number (you choose this on your Twilio account)

  • Account SID

  • Auth Token

Once you're happy hit Save and you're good to go! You can seamlessly start connecting with your Candidates & Contacts through SMS.

Now that Twilio is up and running, you can:

  1. Send and receive SMS messages

  2. Send SMS in bulk to groups 

  3. Customise and use messaging templates (including wildcards for personalisation)

4.  Allow users to add an SMS template in Message templates:

5.  Email users when they get an SMS.

6.  View character count when sending messages in Twilio. 

You can also Filter your SMS by:

  1. All - see all your messages

  2. ‘My Sent’ - shows all your sent messages

  3. Response - shows all your messages or chats that you follow

  4. ‘My Message’ - shows messages that you send, receive and follow

  5. Time Period - All | Today | This week


  • Phone number formatting is crucial to ensure deliverability of your messages. 

  • Twilio follows the E.164 Phone Number Formatting so make sure the number you've added in the profile is in the correct format. 

  • Learn more about the format here.

Here's how:

Select a Candidate or Contact you'd like to send an SMS. Click actions > Send SMS.

If you want to send bulk SMS messages, select the Candidates or Contacts > choose Send Bulk Messages.

The Communication Hub will then pop up, pre-populated with your Twilio phone number and the Candidate(s) that you want to send the message to.

Choose the message template that you want to send out and the message box will be populated with the message.

You can make any changes if needed and once you're happy hit Send and this will be delivered straight to your Candidates/Contacts phone! #Easy

Any SMS's sent from Vincere will be stored in the Communication Hub.

Communication Hub is located in the top right corner of your Vincere screen between the blue + button and System Notifications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Twillio is a third-party app and requires a separate subscription. For more info Twillio, check out the link below:

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