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Rating Candidates against a 'Job'
Rating Candidates against a 'Job'

How many stars makes the cut? ⭐️

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Whenever a job is created in Vincere you have the option to add configurable rating questions.  These allow you to rate your Candidates against particular competencies you've set against that job.

You can configure these rating competencies when adding a job (through Quick Add) or on the Job itself later on.  By default there are 5 rating questions;

  • Attitude

  • Skills

  • Communication 

  • Experience 

  • Compensation expectations

And remember Vincere is super configurable too so you can edit these based on the specific job you're recruiting for.

You can configure these rating questions in two places: 

  1. Quick Add - Job

2. Find an existing Job - descriptions & Ratings -
This is also where you can configure the rating questions the same as above.

Please note there are a few different actions to rate a Candidate:

  1. You can only rate candidates when they have been shortlisted to a job (as the competencies are on a job basis) 

  2. You can rate the candidate from the ATS table view - Shortlisted stage - Rating column (5 stars)

  3. You can check the box next to a candidate which will bring up the option to rate the candidate

  4. From within the candidate profile - Applications - Job Actions - rate Candidate 

And that's not it! Your clients can also rate Candidates too against the job when using the LiveList.

  1. Clients view the LiveList

  2. This is where the Client can rate the Candidate

More info on the LiveList can be found here

⛔️IMPORTANT: The checkbox below the rating questions on the job allows you to control if you want these ratings to visible to your client in the LiveList. 

In simple terms this checkbox acts as a privacy option for you to configure whether you the client to see your rating or not - maybe you just want to keep it internal? 

The more ratings you give a Candidate, the more the average updates too so it's a live dynamic rating - maybe you give them a rating, then your colleague, then then the hiring manager, and the average score will update so you can easily see the overall rating. Each rating completed is also tracked on the activity tab too for the Candidate profile. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Start rating away for that perfect placement and get billing! 🎉⭐️


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