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Contractor Aftercare & Re-deployment: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet
Contractor Aftercare & Re-deployment: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet

How to use Vincere to effectively ’Retain, Re-engage and Redeploy’ your Contractors & Temps

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Watch the webinar below, then read the article to learn quick tips & tricks on how to use Vincere to identify, re-engage and rehire qualified workers.

1️⃣ Get an at-a-glance view of who's working and who's finishing:

a. Use Vincere’s Starting/Active workers view: you can access all your current contractors from anywhere inside Vincere and easily drill down to your active contractors.

Don’t see this option on your menu? Head over to Edit menu. Learn how to configure your menu here.

b. Quickly identify “flight risks”: drill down into workers whose contracts are finishing soon. Learn how to use the table filter for the End Date column to see who are due to finish in the next few weeks.

👉 Quick tip: Using Vinny Calendar? Make the Calendar view your landing page so you can see who is starting & finishing the moment you log in. Learn more about the calendar here.

c. Narrow down your Candidates database and get a list of available workers or active Contractors/Temps who are finishing soon.

👉 Quick tip: Create Saved Searches (with your desired criteria). Learn how you can create a saved search here.

2️⃣ Take actionable steps: re-engage with your contractors and keep them working with you

a. Get in touch with your Contractors/Temps: create a call list or add a comment with a follow up reminder.

When creating a Comment, you have the option to select “Follow up Activity” - this will automatically prompt you to create another meeting or task as soon as you hit 'save' - perfect for a 7 day follow-up call.

🔥 Pro Tip: Wish you didn't have to type the same notes over and over again? Use Text Blaze. Learn more here.

b. Keep track of those who are up for renewals: use Candidate’s Status

👉 Quick tip: Did you know Candidate’s Status is configurable and can be updated in bulk? Check it out here.

3️⃣ Renewals:

a. Renew contracts easily with a two-click workflow.

👉 Quick tip: Don't forget to check the box to take actions when in application stages.

b. Send workers updated contracts with updated pay & bill rates. It is essential that you use the Renewals process in Vinny if you want to track Re-deployment and Reutilization rates in Temp/Contractor dashboards.

👉 Quick tip: Where can I find renewals? Renewals can be found in the last chevron of your Vincere pipeline. Learn how to manage renewals with Vincere here.

🔥 Pro Tip: Use the Pay & Bill estimator. Save time by creating Pay & Bill templates and load them in one-click. These templates allow you to automate Pay & Bill calculations of your placements and ensures that you get an exact (down to 4 decimal places) total across the contract value.

Templates (including on-costs, pay rules & OT) can be created specifically for any country or client’s company / location.

👉 Learn how to set up templates here.

4️⃣ Temp & Contractor dashboards | Vincere Intelligence

This is a pre-built dashboard available in our Studio analytics. It gives you a real-time understanding of your contract/temp book including net starters, finishers, redeployment & re-utilization rates.

Use the filters to view your division or team’s activity.

👉 Deep dive into Redeployment & Re-utilization Analysis here or watch the video below.

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