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View all your daily activities at a glance

With so many activities throughout your day, it may be hard to keep up. With the Vincere planner you can view all of your tasks, meetings and activities all in one place.

To get the most value out of the planner, make sure you've got your Office 365/Gmail emails connected up to Vincere - this will sync everything two ways. Find out how here

For information on sending a meeting invite through tasks, Click HERE


The planner comes in a few different views:

Agenda view - Agenda tab will be displayed every time you log in into Vincere. Tasks, meetings, or anything that is scheduled from your email account and activities set for your Contacts and Candidates (Tasks, Meetings) will be display here.

Day View - Here you have the options to view your activities by the business hours or the whole day.

Week View - In the Week tab, it will show you what you have going on for the whole week, as each week is different from the others. You will also have the option to view it by the business hours or the whole day as well.

Month View - Now the activities for the whole month will be displayed here (Tasks, Meetings, Interviews) but the option for business hours is not available.

Stats View - The stats view is where you will see number counts for each day. These numbers tell you how busy you are each day.

It keeps count of how many tasks/activities you have going on, the higher the number the busy you are which means more activities and you guessed it = more placements 🤑

Team Calendar

Last but not least, team managers can also view their Team Planners. This allows managers to see what their team members are up to inside Vincere - perfect for visibility.

Team Managers can then filter down by each team member

To set teams up, check out this article

Synchronizing events

We have a 2-way sync function between your connected email and Vincere. This syncs every 6PM of your server time.

You can also trigger a manual sync by clicking the refresh or Sync Events option

Refresh - Will trigger a manual sync to retrieve events from your connected email and sync it to Vincere Calendar/Planner

Sync Events - Will trigger a manual sync to retrieve events from your Vincere Calendar/Planner and sync it to your connected email (The synchronization will only find all missing events from 1 year ago to 6 months in the future period.)

Sync Status:

Pending status

Events that are being synced from Vincere to your connected email will show the syncing status and will show the icon below:

And if you open the event, it will show you that it is still in the process of being synced

Not Synced yet

For events that have yet to be synced to your connected email you will see a red ! mark next to the event.

And if you open the event, it will give you the option to manually sync it by clicking the retry now option

2-way calendar sync is not available for emails connected via Imap connection

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