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How do I save a search?
How do I save a search?
Introducing saved search
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If you frequently search for the same search strings in Vincere, you can save time by creating saved searches in Advanced Search mode.

All you have to do is simply create your search and hit on the little blue icon in the search bar:

Then hit "Save" in the bottom right corner, and give your search a name:

You can save as many searches as you like and then simply head into Advanced Search, hit the blue icon and load up your searches.

To clear a saved search, simply head to reset and then reset all. 

Here are some examples and ideas of saved searches other Vinny customers are using:

#1 Keyword + Talent Pool + Radius Search

An example would be 'Top Project Managers in Sydney'. You'll get your best candidates visualized on a map view.

#2 Candidates with invalid email address

A great way to get a list of invalid emails.

Create a search query like so:

#3 Incomplete record

Useful saved search to have for housekeeping and data policing. Remember, your search is only as good as your data is.

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