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August ‘20 Release | Intelligence
August ‘20 Release | Intelligence

Redeployment Analysis to help you optimize deployment rates and reutilize existing workers. Improved Brand segmentation filters.

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1 / Temp & Contractors (Workers) Dashboard - Redeployment Analysis

Deepening our Temp & Contract offering is a critical focus of ours this year, and with that, we’ve added a bunch of best-practice metrics specifically for Temp & Contract businesses.

These metrics offer actionable insights into how you optimize deployment rates to keep your workers working with you. You’ll be able to:

  • Visualise reutilization rates in real-time.

  • Drill down into your un-utilized workers and get them back on working

  • Target consultants on redeployment % rates of workers

Let’s break it down:

a. Redeployment Rate:

This shows the percentage of the workers you have that are being re-deployed in the same job, or for a different job within two months of their last contract finishing.

b. Un-utilized rate:

This shows the workers who have finished their contract within the last 2 months that were not renewed or placed in another job AND are not currently in a sent, interview, or offer stage. Utilization goes beyond deployment as it drills into the application stage to ensure your consultants are pushing their finishers out to keep them working.

c. Workers not called in the last 28 days:

These are workers who were not called within the last 28 days - It is important that your contractors are spoken to often. If they feel appreciated, they can be a great source of information; on new jobs, traitor temps, or other agency workers coming available (Not your workers...yet). Helps keep a constant eye on engagement, especially for your finishers.

This metric is linked to KPI/goals in Vincere’s Goal Console namely these actions that consultants have (or have not) taken in Vincere:

2/ Update to Brand Filters

*This will only affect Vincere customers with ‘Brand segmentation of entities by brand’ activated (in Admin Settings).

With this update, users will ONLY be able to see and filter analytics by the brands they are associated with.


There may be scenarios where a user is removed from a brand. Let’s say a user is removed from Brand A on 1st Aug 2020. In such cases, the activities related to the previous brand will still be viewable in analytics dashboards, such as user engagement, goals, and the fee dashboards, This is required to maintain consistent tracking of targets and accuracy of goals, KPIs, and actions.

However, since the user is no longer under Brand A, the user will not be able to view the record in Vincere ATS/CRM.

Enabling Brand segmentation requires some work from Vincere and therefore will require a fee to enable it. Please contact support if you require the enablement of this feature.

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