Wish you could clearly label up those Candidates who are “Looking for Work”, or Contacts who are on a “Hiring Freeze”, with an easy to use status? Well, now you have more control over the status of your Candidates and Contacts with a configurable status that can be updated on the fly. It works just like the Candidate sub-status feature you already love.

To configure the Candidate or Contact status, an administrator can go to Settings > Admin Settings > 1. Organisational Settings > Status, then click on the “Create new Status” button. You can give the status a name and a colour:

The Candidate Status can be viewed from the Candidate Profile, Quick View, and the Candidate Status column in the Application & Candidate tables.

The Contact Status can be viewed from the Contact Profile, Quick View, and the Status column in the Contact table.

You can update the status from multiple places:

From the Quick View or Profile, click the pencil icon where you see the status:

From the table, Select the Candidate(s) or Contact(s) > Actions > Update Status.

Candidate Status can be updated in bulk.

The Candidate status can even be updated from the Placement page:

Finally, we’ve renamed the application column “Sub-Status” to “Application Sub-Status”. This is to keep things clear and simple as to which status you are looking at.

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