Watch the 30 minute Compliance & Onboarding workshop below, then use the step-by-step guide below to implement your onboarding workflows.

Here are the 3 Compliance Workflows not to miss in Vinny: Pre Reg, Industry and Job.

✅ Pre Reg Compliance Checks

1. Request Candidate’s compliance or onboarding information such as DBS Check, Bank Details, Licenses, Tax information, Private Health, etc.

Create onboarding fields and give Candidates the power to self-serve and update their information.

💡 Did you know? You can create custom country-specific onboarding fields to accommodate compliance regulations across different territories. Onboarding fields are all searchable in Vinny.

Head over to Settings > Field Configuration > Candidate Onboarding.

👉 Here’s a guide on how Vinny’s Onboarding capabilities work.

2. Create Pre Reg as a new Industry and set up document packs for this Industry (see details below 👇)

💡 Did you know: Industry is configurable inside the system. Check out this article for more information on how to configure your Industries, Functional Expertise, Sub-Functional Expertise.

3. Tag your Candidates with the Industry: Pre Reg

✅ Industry Compliance Checks

Streamline and automate document collection from your Candidates based on their assigned Industry.

👉 Request document packs per Industry, check out this article.

✅ Job Specific Compliance Checks

You can also specify documents on a “PER JOB” basis.

👉 Request document packs per Job, check out this article.

Document Types are configurable in Vincere. Head over to Settings > Admin Settings > General Settings > Organizational Settings > Document Type.

👉 Check out this article for more information.

All required onboarding information and documents will then be displayed in the Candidate’s profile in the Onboarding tab and also in the Candidate Portal (see details below 👇)

Note: The Onboarding tab in the Candidate’s profile is on a user-permission basis.

🤝 Branded Candidate Portal: Set up & create a tailored candidate onboarding process

Eliminate manual data entry and paper documents with a secure, self-serve portal for Candidates.

The Candidate Portal is a fully-branded and secure portal that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

👉 Not using Candidate Portal yet? Check this out for more information or start a chat with us..

All onboarding information and documents that are uploaded by the Candidate automatically syncs back to the Candidate’s profile in the Onboarding tab in Vincere: one centralized, permissible and searchable location.

🔥 Pro Tip: You can customise which onboarding fields your Candidates need to update inside the Candidate Portal from the Engagement Hub Settings.

  • Mark fields as ‘Required’ if it’s mandatory.

  • Candidates will be able to track their progress based on the completion rates of ‘required’ fields you’ve set.

👉 Check out this article for more information on how to customise Onboarding fields for the Candidate Portal.

👉 Learn more about Candidate Profile and Document Completeness here.

📅 Manage verification & automate reminders

Set documents verifier to check the authenticity of documents.

👉 Learn more about Onboarding Document Verification.

Keep track of document expiration and tell Vincere who to send reminders to. No more reliance on spreadsheets to manually track document expiry dates.

👉 Learn more about Document Expiry Reminder

📂 File Library

You can also manage verification & document expiry reminders from the File Library.

Note: File Library is accessible from the bill (Pay & Bill) icon on the main menu or from the last stage of the ATS pipeline.

All documents / files are stored in one place in the File Library inside Vinny.

🔥 Pro tip: Create a custom Smart View called 'Compliance Management' in the File Library so your compliance teams get an easily accessible dashboard view of all things compliance-related.

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