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Candidate Profile & Document Completeness

Set required fields & track profile & document completeness

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Whenever your candidate(s) logs into the portal, they will be reminded to complete their profile and / or upload onboarding documents requested by you.

It’s a little visual reminder at the top of their profile that looks something like this:  

How can I set this up?

To enable the Profile/Onboarding completeness tracker, you’ll need to select fields and mark them as ‘required’ in the Candidate Portal.

  1. Go to Engagement Hub Set Up Page

Settings > Marketplace > Engagement Hub > Setup

2. Go into the Candidate Portal

From the menu on the left > Candidate Portal

There are two tabs where you can do this:

Tab 1: Profile fields

Tab 2: Onboarding fields

Once the fields have been selected or marked as required - don’t forget to hit ‘save’. 

Did you know?

The onboarding tab is fully configurable by you. You can create custom onboarding fields from inside Vincere and publish them directly to the Candidate Portal. To learn more, click here.

Where will my candidates see this?

Your candidate must have an account in the Candidate Portal.  

After logging in, they will see the completeness progress bar.

Clicking on the ‘See more’ button will show them all the key required fields that they should update in order to complete their profile:

Here’s how it looks like when the completeness is at 100%.

To learn how you can request and set up onboarding documents, check out the article HERE

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