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Requesting on-boarding documents
Requesting on-boarding documents

You can seamlessly collect documents from your Candidates at any stage of the application process

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On-boarding is the process of bringing a new employee into an organisation, but effective on-boarding programs go well beyond the first day of orientation. 

The process may actually begin during the recruitment and hiring stages. Sometimes called “pre-boarding,” this process can help prepare candidates for a job by providing information on company culture, values and goals, and time to complete some of the paperwork required for the position at an early stage. 

Vincere's automated pre-boarding module can be especially helpful during this phase to deliver electronic documents from the Candidate straight to their profile inside Vincere (and if you choose to even to the Client via the Client Portal). 

Here’s what we’ve done to help you streamline the on-boarding process 🗄

First of all, you will need to set up the on-boarding documents from within the job profile.

  1. Head to a job > click through to Onboarding and add the required documents. 

2. Once a candidate is moved to the shortlisted stage i.e a live application, you can request candidates to upload the required documents e.g. driving licenses, visas, work permits... anything you want!

3. What happens now is that your candidates will receive an email requesting them to upload their documents via the candidate portal.

All your Candidates have to do click on the link and they will be taken to a secure and fully branded portal where they can access and upload their documents. 

Users can now verify onboarding documents that are required for jobs. To know more about it, click here.

Where can I find these documents?

Whenever a document is uploaded, it syncs back to Vincere. You will be able to find these in two places:

  1. Candidate Profile > File tab

2. File Library

Click on the last chevron & go to File Library. 

Can I track the document onboarding status?

Yes! You can clearly see in the applications table whether documents have been received and verified.

Requested Docs - to see how many documents that are requested have been submitted

Verified Docs - to see how many of those documents have been verified

On-boarding goals 🙌


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