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Vincere Platform Updates: V24.2.1 ✨ (11th May '24)
Vincere Platform Updates: V24.2.1 ✨ (11th May '24)

Check below for all things new and enhanced inside Vinny- version v24.2.1 (May '24)

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Release Date: Saturday 11th May 2024

Downtime: Yes - your Vincere account might be temporarily unavailable from:

11/05/24 @ approx 4am-11am (BST)

Our product team works tirelessly to bring you fantastic new features and productivity enhancements to make Vinny better and better each day.


✅ Core Updates

💰 TimeTemp Updates

📊 Intelligence Updates

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✨ You can now filter by Job/Job Leads in Advanced Search

👉 What's changed?

Within advanced search for Jobs, we have added a new dropdown called "Job Category", which now allows users to filter Jobs by:

  • All types of Jobs

  • Jobs

  • Job Leads

The new filter has also been added as a column within the advanced search results table easily allowing users to drill-down into Jobs and/or Job Leads

✨ Candidate & Client Portal Account Status columns (for Portals or Engage customers)

Previously users faced challenges in identifying which of their Candidates or Contacts had activated their accounts on Portals or Engage. This lack of visibility within the table views required users to manually click through each Candidate or Contact to check their account status, a time-consuming process when working at scale.

👉 What's changed?

We are pleased to announce that we have streamlined this user experience, by adding two new status columns in the Contacts and Candidates tables. These columns will provide users with clear visibility into the account status of both Candidates and Contacts, enabling users to take actions such as inviting Candidates or Contacts to register an account with them:

Users can enable the new statuses by creating a Smart View from custom columns:

Status Definitions:

1. Not Registered:

  • Description: Candidate or contact does not have a candidate or client account yet.

  • Indicator: Displayed when the candidate or contact has not been invited or registered on the portals.

2. Pending Activation:

  • Description: Candidate or contact has been invited or has registered but has not activated the account AND has not logged in to their portal yet.

  • Indicator: Displayed when the candidate or contact has completed the registration process but has not yet activated their account by logging into their portal.

3. Connected:

  • Description: Candidate or contact has activated their account AND logged in to their portal.

  • Indicator: Displayed when the candidate or contact has successfully activated their account and logged in to their portal.

💰 TimeTemp Updates (T24.2.2)

✨ Job brand & team now syncs from Vincere to TimeTemp

In this release, we’re syncing the Job brand & team data from Vincere to TimeTemp. This enables the recruiter to identify which brand & team a timesheet is tagged against.

✨ Updates to Timesheet Global Filter

In this release, we're adding the ability for recruiters to set a global filter for timesheet tables that can be applied across all their timesheet tabs:

Users can now select to add filters for:

  • *New* Brand: refers to the timesheet's job brand

  • *New* Team: refers to the timesheet's job team

  • Company: refers to the company of the timesheet’s job linked to

  • Job’s Owner: refers to the recruiter users who are assigned as the timesheet’s job owner

  • Branch: refers to the timesheet’s job branches

👉 View more on how to setup the global filter here

✨ Updates to approving timesheet/expense/leave via email

We have now made it easier for approvers to approve or reject timesheets, expenses and leave directly from emails. When approvers click on approve or reject from within the email they will be taken to a landing page displaying all of the key details to quickly review.

When clicking through from the email, approvers will be presented with various options:

Timesheet approval:

Expense approval:

Leave approval:

Timesheet rejection + reason:

Expenses rejection + reason:

Leave rejection + reason:

📊 Intelligence Updates

View platform updates for Intelligence here

- end -

Delivered via the #VLY Sprint with feedback directly from our customers 🧡

👉 Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep delivering.

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