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Vincere Platform Updates: V24.1.2.0 ✨ (Jan '24)
Vincere Platform Updates: V24.1.2.0 ✨ (Jan '24)

Check below for all things new and enhanced inside Vinny- version v24.1.2.0 (Jan '24)

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Release Date: Tuesday 30th Jan 2024

Downtime: No

Our product team works tirelessly to bring you fantastic new features and productivity enhancements to make Vincere better and better each day.


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✨ Updates to Candidate/Contact titles for any customers using Vincere in the German 🇩🇪 language option

What's new?

We are pleased to announce that both Candidate and Contact titles have been mapped to the German language. Customers that are using German wildcards in email templates will now be able to use the formal German titles when addressing Candidates and Contacts.

What does this change means for me?

  • Provides additional options to include gender titles when creating Candidates and Contacts (in the German language option)

  • When the title is used as wildcard in email templates, it will display the corresponding German title.

✨ Float to multiple Contacts at once (via new Advanced Search option)

What's new?

Previously, users could float to multiple Contacts, however each user had to remember the name of the Contact(s) when inside the float dialogue.

Following customer feedback, we're delighted to give users the option to source relevant Contacts via the new "Select contacts to add to this group" option:

This provides advanced search functionality in the float action for users to search and select which Contact(s) they wish to float to (up to 100 at a time) resulting in much faster Candidate speccing/floating inside Vinny.

What does this change means for me?

  • Users can now quickly identify which Contact(s) they wish to float/spec great Candidates to, without having to navigate into a separate search window.

✨ Updates to "mark as floated" workflow to improve UX

What's new?

Previously, when a user is floating a Candidate and chooses "Don't send email, just mark as floated", there are no options presented to configure the associated Floated LiveList.

Following customer feedback, we have improved the UX allowing all users to configure what appears in the Floated LiveList (e.g. hide Candidates names, add notes etc).

The user can still choose to mark as floated and not send any emails to the Contact(s), however at a later date, if the user wishes to send an email/Floated LiveList to the Contact(s), the details are already configured and ready to go.

This update saves the user a considerable amount of admin time when using the Floated LiveList functionality.

What does this change means for me?

  • Allows users to configure the Floated LiveList options at point of sending/marking as sent, resulting in a massive time saving for users.

✨ Candidate Owner column added to File Library

What's new?

Following customer feedback we have added "Candidate Owner" as a custom column option inside file library, designed to assist compliance teams workflows:

📊 Intelligence updates

View platform updates for Intelligence here

💸 TimeTemp updates

✨ Show draft timesheet for Recruiter / Manager / Approver

What's new?

We have added the ability for the recruiter, manager or timesheet approver to view all of the draft timesheets via the unsubmitted timesheet tab.

Draft timesheets are now included in the submitted status column:

Recruiters/Managers/Approvers can click on the draft timesheet to view its details and actions:

The option to submit the timesheet as "Did Not Work" and "Delete" are disabled when the users selection includes a draft timesheet, as these actions only are available for Unsubmitted timesheets only:

What does this change mean for me?

  • Recruiters/Managers/Approvers can now manage timesheet submissions for any Candidates with draft timesheets yet to be submitted.

  • Recruiters/Managers/Approvers can send out Candidate reminders for any timesheets in draft status.

- end -

Delivered via the #VLY Sprint with feedback directly from our customers 🧡

👉 Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep delivering.

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