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v16.1 February '21 Release | Vincere Core, Pay & Bill and Marketplace
v16.1 February '21 Release | Vincere Core, Pay & Bill and Marketplace

New Application Advanced Search, new Pay & Bill layout and upgrades to Invoices

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1. Application Search

We’ve extended Vincere’s Search capabilities to allow you to drill into Applications.

Great for:

1. Seeing which Candidates got to a certain Application Stage within a certain Industry across specific timeframe.

2. Finding Candidates that you have previously engaged with, but who either accepted another job or were placed by a competitor. Based on the average job tenure in your market, the Candidate may be starting to open up to new opportunities and should be put into your re-engagement funnel.

  • For example, search for all Candidates that got to 2nd Interview Stage for Finance Manager roles within Banking or Finance, more than 2 years ago.

3. A powerful new addition to our Search arsenal, especially when used in tandem with our Saved Search feature. Set up a Saved Search that gives you all Candidates that were actively interviewing 2 / 3 years ago. Put them into re-engagement campaigns.

2. Pay & Bill (Back Office) New Layout:

We continue to add incremental enhancements to Vincere Pay & Bill.

To enhance your user experience, we’ve replaced the drop-down navigation with a new tab layout. Easily move between between Renewals | Timesheets | Invoices | File Library | SignRequest.

Out with the old...

In with the new...

3. Upgrade to Invoices:

a. Invoice Stats: We’ve added top-line analytics to the Invoice table. You can now see key information by Invoice Type and Invoice Status to track the number of Invoices | Total $ | $ Current | $ Overdue | $ Paid.

b. Invoice Filters: ability to filter Invoices by:

  • Pay Period: Weekly | Bi-weekly | Semi-monthly | Monthly Custom Date Range

  • Week Ending

  • Invoice Type: All types | Sales Invoice | Consolidated Sales Invoice / Credit Invoice | Purchase Invoice | Consolidated Purchase Invoice

  • Invoice Status for each Invoice Type

  • Payment Status: None | Partially paid | Paid in full

  • Company & Billing Contact

  • Job Types

c. Smart View for Invoice Table: Ability to configure which columns appear on the Invoice Table view and create your custom Invoice layout with Smart Views.

d. New Invoice Quick View: Quickly access Invoice details and activities from Invoice Table.

e. Quick Add Invoice: create a new invoice from the Quick Add button.

f. Update to Invoice Activities: When updating Invoice Status, the action will be logged in the Activities tab of the Invoice. Activities can be filtered by Comments | Action Logs | Status Update | Created Date.

g. Bulk Invoice Actions: Send | Approve Invoices | Update Payment status in bulk. Filter Invoice by Invoice Type and Invoice Status to see available bulk actions.

4. Integration with Talent Ticker:

Talent Ticker is a market intelligence app built for recruitment.

With Talent Ticker for Vincere, you can search for Companies and import Companies, Candidate or Job Leads into Vincere to action.

👉 Now available in Vincere Marketplace, click here to get started.

5. New Zapier triggers and actions for VinnyChat:

This update gives you more triggers and actions in Zapier integration.

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