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Enhancements to Vincere Pay & Bill
Enhancements to Vincere Pay & Bill

New Pay & Bill layout and upgrade to Invoices

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This article includes:

1. New Pay & Bill Layout:

We continue to add incremental enhancements to Vincere Pay & Bill.

To enhance your user experience, we have replaced the drop-down navigation with a new tab layout. Easily move between between Renewals | Timesheets | Invoices | File Library | SignRequest.

Out with the old...

In with the new...

Note: The Pay & Bill tab is no longer accessible from the last chevron of the ATS pipeline - the last chevron is now default to Renewals.

To access Pay & Bill, click on the dollar bill icon on the left hand side menu.

If you don’t see the Pay & Bill tab, head to Edit Menu, select Pay & Bill to add to your menu.

2. Upgrade to Invoices:

a. Invoice Stats:

We’ve added top-line analytics to the Invoice table. You can now see key information by Invoice Type and Invoice Status to track the number of Invoices | Total $ | $ Current | $ Overdue | $ Paid.

To see Stats, filter by Invoice Type and Invoice Status, then click on the Stats button on the right hand side next to the Actions button.

b. Invoice Filters: ability to filter Invoices by:

  • Pay Period: Weekly | Bi-weekly | Semi-monthly | Monthly Custom Date Range

  • Week Ending

  • Invoice Type: All types | Sales Invoice | Consolidated Sales Invoice / Credit Invoice | Purchase Invoice | Consolidated Purchase Invoice

  • Invoice Status for each Invoice Type

  • Payment Status: None | Partially paid | Paid in full

  • Company & Billing Contact

  • Job Types

Note: Once filters are applied, the Filter icon will turn red and you will see a Reset button. Click on Reset to clear your Filters.

Another way to filter Invoices is by using the Column filter.

To filter Invoice Type, click on the filter icon on the column title > choose the Invoice Type that you want to take bulk actions on.

To filter Invoice Status, click on the filter icon on the column title > choose the Invoice Status that you want to take bulk actions on.

c. Smart View for Invoice Table:

Ability to configure which columns appear on the Invoice Table view and create your custom Invoice layout with Smart Views.

d. Invoice Quick View: Quickly access Invoice details and activities from Invoice Table.

e. Update to Invoice Activities: When updating Invoice Status, the action will be logged in the Activities tab of the Invoice. Activities can be filtered by Comments | Action Logs | Status Update | Created Date.

f. Quick Add Invoice: Create a new invoice from the Quick Add button.

g. Bulk Invoice Actions: Send | Approve Invoices | Update Payment status in bulk. Filter Invoice by Invoice Type and Invoice Status to see available bulk actions.

Bulk actions include:

  1. Approve Invoices

  2. Approve and Mark as Sent

  3. Approve and Send Sales Invoices

  4. Approve and Send Consolidated Sales Invoices

  5. Send Sales Invoices

  6. Send Consolidated Sales Invoices

  7. Mark as Sent

  8. Mark as “Paid in full”

Note: Bulk actions are only available on Invoices with the same Invoice Type and Invoice Status.

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