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Talent Ticker for Vincere

What is Talent Ticker, how to get started and where to go for support with the Talent Ticker integration

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Talent Ticker is the World’s first market intelligence platform built for recruitment.

Talent Ticker use artificial intelligence to give business development calls a huge head start. With Talent Ticker you can build relationships long before jobs go live, cementing your position as an expert.

Here’s how the integration works:

  • Firstly, you need both a Vincere account and Talent Ticker account.

  • When using Talent Ticker a Vincere button will appear next to each event. This button allows you to export the event and associated company and contacts.

  • The system will first search for matching companies and ask you to select the company to add the contacts and Job Lead too, if an existing company doesn’t match the process can create a new company.

👉 Click here for an in-depth User Guide.

How to get started?

Talent Ticker is available in Vincere’s marketplace. To get started, reach out to Talent Ticker for an account.

How do I set up / turn on the integration?

Start with a demo, contact the Talent Ticker sales team to find out more.

Once they have confirmed that Vincere is enabled, 👉 follow the step-by-step guide here.

Need support for Talent Ticker Integration?

👉 Reach out to them via email:

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