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Application Advanced Search
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We’ve extended Vincere’s Search capabilities to allow you to search for Applications.

Great for:

1. Seeing which Candidates got to a certain Application Stage within a certain Industry across specific timeframe.

2. Finding Candidates that you have previously engaged with, but who either accepted another job or were placed by a competitor. Based on the average job tenure in your market, the Candidate may be starting to open up to new opportunities and should be put into your re-engagement funnel.

  • For example, search for all Candidates that got to 2nd Interview Stage for Finance Manager roles within Banking or Finance, more than 2 years ago.

3. A powerful new addition to our Search arsenal, especially when used in tandem with our Saved Search feature. Set up a Saved Search that gives you all Candidates that were actively interviewing 2 / 3 years ago. Put them into re-engagement campaigns.

To access Application Advanced Search, click on the Advanced Searches dropdown > Choose Application Advanced Search

Start with the Fields at the top and the Search Parameter will be auto-populated for you.

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