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The 3Rs of Contract Recruitment: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet
The 3Rs of Contract Recruitment: Webinar Recording and Cheat Sheet

The 3 R’s of Contract Recruitment: Redeploy, Renew, Report

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Watch the 30 minute contract recruitment workshop below, then use the cheat sheet below to action what you have learnt.

1. Monthly hit list of starters / finishers

With Vinny’s interactive Calendar, see who’s starting & who’s finishing at a glance and take actions immediately.

🔥 Pro tip: Make the Calendar view your landing page so the hit list is the first thing you see every time you login.

Go to User Settings > Landing Page: Welcome Page > Default Views - Welcome Page: Calendar to set up

👉 Learn more about the Calendar here.

2. Manage Candidate & Worker Availability: via your branded, mobile-ready widget

a. Request availability in bulk: view & request worker / candidate availability in just a few clicks.

👉 Learn how you can request workers’ availability here.

b. Update availability anytime, anywhere: Workers / Candidates will be able to update their availability on the web or on-the-go via their mobile. They can add up to 3 slots, down to 1-minute increments and set auto-reminders to update their availability with you.

c. Search: Narrow down your searches and get a list of available workers. You can search for candidates with Availability on a specific day or Availability on multiple days.

👉 Learn more about Vinny’s Availability search functionality here.

🔥 Pro tip: Create Saved Searches and load list of available workers quickly (with your desired criteria)

Learn how you can create a saved search here.

3. Redeployment Smart Searches / Automatch:

a. Find similar candidates:

Let Vinny do the heavy lifting for you and scour your database for similar candidates / workers based on information of an existing candidate.

b. Find suitable jobs:

Workers reaching the end of their contracts soon? Wondering which other jobs the worker can be redeployed to?

This smart search helps automatch suitable jobs for your worker. Go to a candidate’s profile > Click on Actions > Select Find suitable jobs

P.S. Vincere uses industry best-practice algorithms to auto-match candidates and jobs. Interested? 👉 Learn more here.

4. Compliance & Verification Checks:

Eliminate manual data entry and paper documents with a secure, self-serve portal for candidates/workers:

  • Create compliance forms and pre-boarding document packs for temps/contractors to submit via the candidate portal.

  • With customized reminders, Vincere can take care of the chasing for you.

👉 Learn more about Vinny’s compliance & onboarding functionality here.

All documents sync back into Vincere: one centralized, permissible and searchable location waiting for you( or your team) to verify.

To access the full suite of Candidate and Client portals, you must have Vincere Engage module activated. Start a chat with us if you’re not yet using Engage but would like to.

5. Renewals:

Renew contracts in an easy two-click workflow. You’ll also be able to send workers updated contracts with updated pay & bill rates. It is essential that you use the Renewals process in Vinny if you want to track Redeployment and Reutilization rates in Temp/Contractor dashboards/

Where can I find renewals? Renewals can be found in the last chevron of your Vincere pipeline.

👉 Learn how to manage renewals with Vincere here.

Save time by creating Pay & Bill templates and load them in one-click. These templates allow you to automate Pay & Bill calculations of your placements and ensures that you get an exact (down to 4 decimal places) total across the contract value.

Templates (including on-costs, pay rules & OT) can be created specifically for any country or client’s company / location.

👉 Learn how to set up templates here.

6. Temp & Contractor dashboards | Vincere Intelligence

This is a pre-built dashboard available in our Studio analytics. It gives you a real-time understanding of your contract/temp book including net starters, finishers, redeployment & re-utilization rates.

Use the filters to view your division or team’s activity.

👉 Deep dive into Redeployment & Re-utilization Analysis here.

Start off on the right foot. From day one.

If you are not yet using the Contract/Temp functionalities within Vincere but would like to, we suggest taking dedicated contract recruitment training sessions with our expert trainers.

Training is structured as follows:

  • Kick-off call: gain an understanding of your recruitment business and workflows

  • Bespoke training: customized for your business, weaving in best practices, tips and tricks and sharing knowledge on best-practice when using Vinny for contract/temp recruitment.

👉 Reach out to to request more info.

📝 Glossary - Important terms mentioned in the Contract Recruitment webinar:

1. Redeployment Rate: the % of workers that you place after their current assignment ends

2. Reutilization Rate: the % of workers that you put forward to a role (‘Sent’ stage in Vinny pipeline)

3. CAC: Contractor-Acquisition-Costs (your investment in getting the candidate out to work)

4. CLV: Contractor-Lifetime-Value (how much $ worker makes for you before they stop working for you)

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