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1. Quick Search

We've equipped recruiters with an availability search tool built with speed and precision in mind - thanks to the feedback from Vinny customers!

We have two search options: search for candidates with Availability on a specific day or Availability on multiple days

To search by day, go to the search bar and find the “Availability” field, and choose “Availability on a specific day”

Alternatively, you can search availability on multiple days. To do this, go to the search bar and find the “Availability” field, and choose “Availability on a multiple days”

🔥PRO TIP: Select “Perform exact time match” to search with exact times, and “Perform exact date match” to search exact dates.

2. Advanced Search

Searching availability can also be done in our Advanced Search:

First, choose the Availability Range:

If you choose Next 7 days / Next 14 days / Next 21 days / Next 30 days, Vinny will automatically add the Date in for you respectively.

You can also choose the Day or From - To Time you want to apply the Availability search to.

The Availability Search criteria will then be added to the Search Parameters.

You can edit / remove the Availability criteria by changing the Range to None and Vincere will automatically update the search string in the Search Parameters for you.

Note: You can also remove the Availability search string from the Search Parameters by clicking on the x icon and removing the operator OR.

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