What is VinnyChat?

VinnyChat is our very own chat module that lives right inside Vincere - a great way to reduce inbox clutter, and communicate in real time with your team-mates. 

If you’re familiar with Slack, Skype/WhatsApp or any other messaging system, you’ll love VinnyChat

 Here’s what you can do:

  • Send direct messages to teammates
  • Create and send group chats
  • @mention other user(s) to notify or start conversations
  • Send, share & delete files
  • Create private & public groups
  • Tag Candidate / Job / Company / Contact in conversations

 Here’s a sneak-peek 👀:

How to get started

Super easy. 

On your Vincere dashboard, look for the VinnyChat icon on the top right next to the Bell.

Now,  all you need to do is create a username to start chatting!

Once you’re in, click on ‘Jump to’ to search for your teammate or create/join a group chat.

🛑 Don’t see the chat icon?

No worries. You’ll need to get your account administrator to activate VinnyChat. 

Go to Settings > Marketplace > Communication Hub

Simply switch the toggle on to enable VinnyChat.

Happy Chatting! (or should I say vChatting😉)

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