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How to set up a Brief and additional Notes

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Having a quick, sharp overview of each candidate has never been easier. The Exec Brief allows you to write notes intended for easy access on the Candidate's profile. You can also create more than one brief e.g. exec brief, internal notes, interview notes - anything you like!

The great thing about the Exec Brief fields is that you can choose to send any of your briefs out to your Clients using the LiveList (more on that later..).

How to access the Executive Brief:

1. ATS/Quick view - Seamlessly create or edit the candidateā€™s brief - or add multiple briefs by clicking on the 'plus' button

2. In the candidate profile > Go to the Candidate Brief section

šŸ”„PRO TIP: You can add as many briefs as you want to the candidateā€™s profile.

NOTE: On the LiveList you can only send one Executive Brief per candidate - you can choose which to send.

For the final touch, once the email is sent out to your client with the LiveList this is what your client will receive - a nice easy summary of each Candidate you've sent.

Your client can also view whatever you've chosen to send via the LiveList.

Don't worry! - your client doesn't have access to any Exec Briefs by default - you have to choose if you want them to have access when sending out the LiveList.

Happy Briefing #TheVincereWay šŸ‘‹

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