Tags (or skills codes) are predefined values which you can 'tag' against different records throughout Vincere. 

Getting into the habit of tagging records correctly will make your data inside Vincere far more valuable – if your Companies, Contacts, Jobs and Candidates are accurately tagged, you can run searches quickly and accurately. For example, tags can help dramatically lower the risk that you don’t find the right Candidate for a Job because of a typo inside the Candidate skills section; or because different members of your team use different terminology to describe the same skill.

Vincere has four levels of tags:

  • Industry (broad)

  • Sub Industry (specific)

  • Functional Expertise (specific)

  • Sub Functional Expertise (very specific) 

🔥PRO TIP: These 'tags' can be fully configured by your Vincere Super Users. Check out how to configure these here:

You can tag Companies, Contacts and Candidates with as many industries as you like, and Jobs with one industry. Contacts, Jobs and Candidates can be tagged with as many functional and sub functional expertise's as you like

When tagging Contact, Job and Candidate records, you can add any combination of industries and functional expertises. For example, if you wanted you could tag a Candidate with the industries ‘biotechnology’ and ‘banking’, and the functional expertises ‘architecture’ and ‘design’.... it would make no sense whatsoever.. but you can if you want! That's just how configurable Vincere is 😆

When tagging functional expertises, these determine which sub functional expertises you can assign to the record - all sub functional expertises are attached to a functional expertise, so you can only tag a record with a sub functional expertise that ‘sits underneath’ a functional expertise that you have already tagged the record with. For example, if you tag a Candidate with the functional expertise ‘Accountancy’, you can only select the sub functions which are related to Accountancy e.g. Audit. 

Setting up your tags, and getting into the habit of tagging all of your records correctly, isn’t the most exciting part of Vincere, but it’s one of the most important functionalities we have! The benefits come later down the line, when you and your team can instantly find the Candidates who have the right skills for a Job... and spending less time searching means that you can spend more time getting Jobs from your Clients, speaking to your Candidates and billing more of those crisp dollar notes 💰💰💰

Tag away to your hearts content #TheVincereWay 🏷

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