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The Groups, Tags, and Locations tool allows you to configure your tags or skills codes, create your brands and teams and update your company's office locations.

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Tags (or skills codes) are predefined values that you can 'tag' against different records throughout Vincere.

Vincere has four levels of tags:

  • Industry (broad)

  • Sub Industry (specific)

  • Functional Expertise (specific)

  • Sub Functional Expertise (very specific)

Getting into the habit of tagging records correctly will make your data inside Vincere far more valuable – if your Companies, Contacts, Jobs and Candidates are accurately tagged, you can run searches quickly and accurately.

You can tag Companies, Contacts and Candidates with as many industries as you like, and Jobs with one industry. Contacts, Jobs and Candidates can be tagged with as many functional and sub functional expertise as you like

When tagging Contact, Job and Candidate records, you can add any combination of industries and functional expertises. For example, if you wanted you could tag a Candidate with the industries ‘biotechnology’ and ‘banking’, and the functional expertises ‘architecture’ and ‘design’.... it would make no sense whatsoever.. but you can if you want! That's just how configurable Vincere is 😆

Groups in Vincere

You can configure Vincere to match your company's structure. You can create brands, divisions, and teams. This grouping goes well when you want to see your stats in the Intelligence suite.

🔥PRO TIP: You can assign specific document builder templates (formatted CVs, TOBs, invoices) per brand!

User Locations

These are your company’s office locations. It’s important to add these into the system and assign users to the correct location if you want to be able to view the Intelligence for a specific location.

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