We're pleased to announce the release of Vincere Portals v1.10

Below is a high-level overview of the latest updates that we’ve added.

Note: This update is for Vincere customers with Digital or Portals on their contract.

Click on the link to know more about the latest features.

1/ Job Alert Banner

  • Candidates can now subscribe to Job Alerts directly from the Job Portal (Job listing pages) No need for them to create a Candidate Portal account.

  • Admin users can configure the Job Alert Banner in the Customizer

2/ Unsubscribe from Job Alert emails

  • Candidates can now unsubscribe from Job Alert emails directly from the Job Alert email received.

3/ New configuration in the Candidate Portal

  • Admin users have more options to hide/show the sections on the Candidate Portal

  • Add the Job Status column to the Applications table for users that want to show if the Jobs are open or closed in Vincere

4/ Updates for email template settings

  • Add Enable checkbox to some email templates to allow users to turn off these emails from being sent automatically.

  • Updates to the email sent to the Job Owner for new applications received. When Job Owner clicks on the links, they will be redirected to the Candidate’s profile or the Job’s profile in Vincere.

5/ UI updates for the Job and Candidate Portal

  • Hyperlink the recruiter’s email and phone number so they are now clickable

  • Separate the Skills and Compensation into different sections: Expertise & Skills and Desired Compensation

6/ Decoupling of Job and Candidate Portal updates

More improvements for customers who opt to use the Job Portal only or Candidate Portal only.

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