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Updates for Email Template Settings | Vincere Portals
Updates for Email Template Settings | Vincere Portals

Portals update v1.10 November 2022

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More updates and settings for the Email Templates for your Job and Candidate Portals.

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1/ Unsubscribe from Job Alert Emails

Candidates can now unsubscribe from Job Alert emails directly from the Job Alert email received. They don't have to log in to the Candidate Portal to unsubscribe.

In Admin Dashboard > Email > Candidate > Job Alert template, you will see this text added to the email template content: #UnsubscribeJobAlert# anytime to stop our Job Alert from sending you new jobs.

📌TIP: Update the Job Alert email by removing the wildcards you don't need.

Once the candidate receives the Job Alert email, they will see the Unsubscribe hyperlink at the bottom of the email which will take them to an 'Unsubscribe Successful' page where they can navigate to the Job Portal to subscribe to other job alerts.

If the Candidate has access to a candidate portal account, they will see the Schedule column updated to Unsubscribed.

2/ Updates to Job Alert Email

A checkbox is added for Admin users to decide if they want Show Updated Jobs to the Job Alert email template

When the box is unchecked, the two wildcards #JobAlertUpdatedJobCount# and #JobAlertUpdatedJobsDetails# will be removed from the Supported wildcard list.

If the box is unchecked but the users have already put the wildcards in the email content, the line will be empty when the email is sent to candidates.

When the box is unchecked and there is no new job matching the search criteria, the Job Alert email will not be sent.

3/ Add Enable checkbox to some email templates to allow users to turn off these emails from being sent automatically

By default, the emails are sent automatically. Admin users can decide which emails they want to disable.

Applied to the following email templates:

a. Emails > Candidate:

  • Welcome to Portals

  • Send Job Application notification to the job owner

  • Subscription Email

b. Emails > Client:

  • Welcome to Portals

4/ Updates to the email sent to the Job Owner for new applications received

Hyperlinks are added to the Candidate names and the Job Title. When recipients (Job owners) click on the links, they will be redirected to the Candidate’s profile or the Job’s profile in Vincere.

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