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New Candidate Portal Configuration | Vincere Portals
New Candidate Portal Configuration | Vincere Portals

Portals update v1.10 November 2022

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Admin users now have more options to hide/show the sections on the Candidate Portal.

Click on the link to skip to the section you're interested in:

Login to your Portals tenant site and go to the Candidate Portal customizer

Click the Settings tab. Look for Candidate Profile Configuration

Note: Any changes made are applied as a global setting for your Candidate Portal

Users will be able to choose to hide/show sections by toggling on/off the button.

Blue means the section is shown in the Candidate Portal.

Show or hide the Candidate Portal Sections

a. Show Job Applications Table

Show or hide the Job Applications table in the My Profile section in the Candidate Portal.

What job applications are shown in the Applications table?

  1. Candidate applies for the jobs themselves (they apply via the job portal)

  2. The candidate is shortlisted for the job by a recruiter/consultant in Vincere and is moved to the 1st interview stage or onwards

When the Applications Table is displayed, you can turn off the columns:

  1. Application Status - Current status of the candidate in the ATS pipeline in Vincere

  2. Job Status - The data comes from the Open/Closed Job column in Vincere.

b. Show Job Consent Section

What job applications are shown in the Job Consent table?

Show All Applications

  1. All job applications via the Job Portal

  2. Jobs with candidates shortlisted in Vincere

Show All Applications is disabled

  1. All job applications via the Job Portal

  2. Jobs with applications in the Sent stage

📌TIP: Hover on the information icon [ ℹ️ ] to see more details

c. Show Expertise Section

When the ✅ Show Expertise is enabled, the whole expertise section will be displayed.

When it's disabled, the Expertise section will be removed from the Candidate Portal.

d. Show Update Availability

Update Availability menu item is linked with Vincere candidate’s availability page

Candidate's Availability Calendar in Vincere core:

5/ Click PUBLISH to make the new changes live on your site.

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