Once logged in, you will see your Portals Admin dashboard.

This page allows you to navigate to the Customizer, Job, Candidate and Client Portal settings.

Settings Tab

To set up your Digital’s general site settings, go to the Settings tab in the left-hand panel.

Email Settings

This section allows you to configure the emails that are received and sent to a user candidate and client on your Digital site.

🔥 Quick tip: Select the template name and you will see how the email is sent out.

Mail Log

With mail logs, you can monitor emails sent through Digital. Logs contain information on each email, including the recipient, subject and created date.


This section shows all the users on your Digital site including candidates and clients. You can see their role by clicking on the ‘View’ button.


This section allows you to update and add hyperlink to the menu and footer items.

Proceed to this article to know more about how to manage your site's menu items.

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