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Customizing the job's details page | Vincere Portals
Customizing the job's details page | Vincere Portals
The Single Job page is the job’s details page. This page contains the job details and recruiter information.
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In the Customizer, select the job portal customizer or the job listing page from the navigation dropdown that you want to configure.

Navigate to the ‘Page Content / Main Content’ area. Click the job title to configure the job’s details page.

In the widget tab, select the ‘job’ widget to configure the elements.

Here you can toggle On/Off fields for your job's details page.

1/ Override Widget Settings - When the Override Mode is OFF, any changes made on this ‘job’ widget applies to pages

2/ Title - Job title

3/ Description - Toggle on/off to show the heading title “Job Description”. You can also change the heading title by updating the form field.

4/ Publishing Date - The posted date in Vincere

5/ Location - This displays the Town / City of the Job Location inside Vincere.

6/ Features - Toggle on/off to show the salary, skills, industry, job type, job ID, etc.

Note: If the Salary field in Vincere is blank, it will show as ‘Negotiable’ on the job’s details page.

7/ Recruiter - This displays the job owner in Vincere. Key information is pulled from the User Settings.

8/ Apply button

9/ Save button

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