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Setting up Job Portal | Vincere Portals
Setting up Job Portal | Vincere Portals
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Your Job Portal is your job listing page and you can customize and configure the design, images, content, and jobs displayed.

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Setting up the Job Portal

Head over to your Admin Dashboard > click on Job Portal, or from the Customizer of Digital, click on the Job Portal tab at the top menu.

1/ Job Portal (Job Listing page)

This is where your jobs will be listed. You can edit or update your website at any time, even after it’s published.

Your Digital site URL is to switch to your website domain click here.

2/ Settings and Styling

Here you can customise the Settings, Styling and Widgets. To edit the sections, you can refer to areas on the left-hand side. These sections will vary depending on the page that you are on and the theme of your site.

Navigate between different sections by clicking on the section tab. Or, you can also click on the blue Section title in the preview area to open the Settings & Styling of that section.

Check out this article on how to configure the Settings and Styling sections.

Adding the Job Faceted and Job Apply Widgets

The Customizer comes with a variety of out-of-the-box widgets that you can use to create your site.

Two main widgets to create a Job Search (Job Portal) page are:

In the Main Content area, add the widgets Job Search and Job Apply.

You can add more widgets to the main content by clicking on the plus sign (βž•)

Click the Job Search widget to configure the settings.

This displays all jobs in a list and facet search is available on the left-hand side. This allows users to filter the jobs by Industry, Job Type, Salary Type, Salary and Expertise. You can decide to disable the facets in the customizer.

2/ Job Search - Single Page Search

This type of search displays the job on one single page and allows users to use the Advanced Search filters. You can decide to turn off other Advanced search filters in the customizer.

πŸ”₯ Quick Tip: Click the brush icon to see more configuration options.

Job Application Form / Job Apply widget

This section allows you to configure the job application form for your candidates. You can configure the Login, Registration, Application forms, and links of your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Create multiple jobs listing pages on your Digital site.

With Digital, you can create individual job listing pages to display your jobs based on an industry, function, job owner, or brand.

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