The Faceted Search allows your Candidates to drill down the Job Listing page by Job Types, Salary Types, Industries, Functional Expertise.

This search displays all jobs in a list and the facet filters are available on the left-hand side.

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1/ Adding the Faceted Search widget

2/ Configuring the facet filters

3/ Setting up the listing items for your jobs

4/ Applying a Static Filter

Adding the Faceted Search

Navigate to the Job Portal tab and go to the widgets section and select Job Search.

🔥 Quick Tip: Override Widget Order - keep the toggle ON to rearrange the order of the widgets available in the area of the current page without affecting the order of widgets on other pages.

Select Faceted Search as your search type. Here you can configure the following:

  1. Form

  2. Search Form

  3. Filters

  4. Listing

  5. Static Filters

1/ Form

This allows you to set the styling of all input elements. This applies to all the texts inside the search field boxes.

2/ Search Form

This allows you to hide or show the search bar on your job listing page.

Click the down arrow to see more configuration options.

a. Radius - This button allows you to show or hide the radius button on the job listing page.

b. Placeholders - This is the text hint displayed in the input field before the user enters a value.

c. Search button - Tick the box if you want to show the search button (🔍) Click the downward allow to configure the styling of the search button. You can choose between Normal, Outline or No Styling.

Normal - The search buttons are filled out with a color and will follow your Global styling settings.

Outline - The search buttons will only be outlined and have no color filling.

No styling - Takes away the outline and color filling.

d. Job Alert button - This allows you to customise the styling of your Job Alert button. You can choose between Normal, Outline or No Styling.

The job alert button will show when the candidate is logged in to the portal.

3/ Filters

Toggle to hide or show the facet fields. Untick the box of the facet field to hide it.

Your jobs' tags will show as facet values in the Industries / Functional Expertise facets on the Job Portal. Click here for more information.

📌 Quick Tip: You can rename the facet filters to your own preference. Click the downward arrow (⬇️) to rename the field.

4/ Listing

Tick the box to hide or show these items on your job listing page

Here’s a quick guide on what fields in Vincere the Listing items are from:

Field Title in Digital

Vincere Core Field


Title of job


Public Job description


Salary / rate per month field


Town / City field

Salary type

Salary type field

Actual Salary (not ticked)

Salary from - to range


Date posted

a. Apply button - Allows you to customise the styling of the Apply button. You can choose between Normal, Outline or No Styling.

b. Save button - Allows you to customise the styling of the Save button. You can choose between Normal, Outline or No Styling.

5/ Static Filter

Toggle off to allow your users to select any criteria on your facets. Toggle on if you want to choose your static filters on your facets. If enabled, your facets will already be pre-selected for your users.

Example: When Static Filter is enabled and has pre-selected criteria for Industry. With this setting, your users won’t be able to select the Industry facet anymore and your job listing will only show jobs that have been tagged to Banking and/or Technology & IT.

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