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How to set your User Settings (setting default views, personal information, email and organizational settings)

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How to set your User Settings (setting default views, personal information, email and organizational settings)

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1. Personal Information

Be sure to fill out all required fields and importantly:

  • Upload a profile picture

  • Name

  • Job Title

  • Phone

  • Email Signature

Vincere uses this information to help personalize your emails, the LiveList™ and Engage job board.

2. Password

The ability to change your password is available from user settings

Once you click change password you will be brought to a new page that gives you instructions on how to do this:

3. Organizational settings

This section is where you can see and add Brands, your Primary Brand, Branches, Divisions, and Teams to the user profile.

4. Personal Settings

Many of your personal settings have to deal with your location setting; these will increase how effective your user experience is.

  • Location

  • Town/city

  • Currency

  • Timezone

  • Date Format

  • Display Language

  • Default measurement

Note: Once you have selected your default currency, anytime you add/create a job in Vincere the currency will be set as the selected currency in your personal profile.

This will also be the default currency in the Intelligence section.

Important: Changing your default currency won’t affect previous jobs that are already in your Vincere database.

5. Default Settings

Vincere realizes everyone's workflow is different, so we give you options to customize many default settings

1. Default job filters

You can change which default filters you would like to apply to your job table view.

Start by choosing what filter you would like to be in the default view of your job ATS.

You can then set a default filter for job owner. Maybe you would like to see all the jobs your team is working on as well as your own. If not you can choose to see only the jobs personally owned by you here:

Lastly, you can set a default filter by job created date. Take advantage of these filters to increase your effectiveness.

Don’t forget to hit Save and you’re good to go!

2. Default candidate filters

Here you can filter what candidates you will see by default: All, yours, or your teams

The second available filter in this section is to filter the candidates by a default created date.

Don’t forget to hit Save, and you’re good to go!

3. Default landing page

Here, you can choose the default page you land on when you open up Vincere.

Don’t forget to hit Save and you’re good to go!

4. Default views

Candidate Profile: When you open a candidate’s profile, you can see one of these tabs as the first page showing on the profile.

Candidate Quick View: When you click on quick view, this will be the first page that you will see.

Welcome Page: Customize your welcome page here. You can choose to see your planner, training activities or your stats.

Don’t forget to hit Save and you’re good to go!

5. Search

a. Quick Search

As a user, you can set a Search preference: Exact or Relative.

Exact Search will add double quotes to your search terms and give you a precise match. With this setting, the double quotes will be added to your search terms by default.

Relative Search is the default setting. With this selected, your search terms will pull up exact as well as related search results.

b. Advanced Search

You have two options in this section, You can use our newly created advanced search or if your more comfortable with it, the older version.

6. Email Settings

Input your Email information here and make sure your email is connected to ensure Emails will work properly and sync to your Vincere account.

If you are having issues regarding email syncing, you can refer to this article (Click HERE)

7. Email Sync options

You can select 1 of 2 options to sync your emails by clicking the Sync options:

All emails will allow you to sync all the emails in your Inbox and Sent items, including the sub folders, categories and labels.

Inbox & Sent will allow you to sync only emails in your immediate Inbox and Sent items, excluding emails inside your sub folders.

8. Email Signature

Here, you can create your email signature.

Important note: If you need to input any non-text related information such as pictures or links you will have to use the buttons we provide.

To insert an image, click Insert/edit image.

A pop-up like this will appear:

Fill in the necessary information then Click Save.

To insert a link, click Insert/edit link:

A pop up like this will appear:

Fill in the necessary information, then click Save.

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