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Reset Your Password

Locked out? No problem

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Forgot your password? No problem you've come to the right place for advice on how to get straight back into Vincere 💪

Option 1: To reset all you need to is head to your tenant site e.g. type in your registered email address/Vincere username, and click next to see the forgot password link where you can reset your password:

This should send a password reset email to your registered email address, and you can set a new password to log back in to the system.

Note: Please make sure to use to remember me option on your next login to ensure easier access to your Vincere account,

Option 2: If you're a Vincere Super User (administrator) you can also reset passwords on your colleagues behalf. 

Simply head to Settings > User Management > 

Select the Consultant(s) > Action > Reset password

An email will be sent to your colleague with steps on how to reset their password

Billers unite 🤑


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