You can now send out Vinneo recordings via the LiveList™ to your Contacts and distribution lists.

👉 To learn more on how to use the LiveList™, click here.

You can send Vinneo recordings to Contacts using a similar process as sending Candidate profiles via the LiveList™.

Watch below for a walkthrough on sending Vinneo records via the LiveList™ 👇

Please note that if the Candidate record does not have any Vinneo files attached to their record, there will be no option to attach anything from the dropdown menu.

Once you’ve sent the video, your Contact will see this email with a link to the Vinneo recording included. They can hit the “Watch video” button to view it with one click.

The video can also be played from within the LiveList™, either by you or your Contacts. Just click on the icon under the Video column to view it.

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