This section allows you to set up your branding, custom domain, banner and footer image and site default settings.

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  1. Branding (banner/footer image)

  2. Custom Domain

  3. Email Sender

  4. Default Settings

  5. Header Settings

  6. Footer Setting

To enable your job portal, head to Settings > Marketplace > Engage > Setup

Toggle On Engagement Hub

When you toggle on Engagement Hub you can now configure your logo, banners, favicon, colours and make the job board align with your company branding.

1. Branding

This section allows you to add your logo, banner and footer image, button color and social network thumbnail. You can upload up to 3 banner images and this will play on queue.

  • Your Logo

This will be your job portal’s company logo and will be displayed on your header banner and emails.

  • Candidate / Client Portal Logo

This will be the default logo of your candidate and client portals.

  • Favicon

This is the graphic image (icon) associated with your pages on your job portal.

  • Banner Image

You can upload up to 3 banner images on your job portal and this will play in a queue.

The best size for the banner is 2000px in width and around 350px for the height. This size also applies to the footer image.

You can also choose not to apply a banner image but rather a plain background color.

Check the Header Settings section below for more information.

PRO TIP: Another great place to source free high quality banners from is Pexels. Check it out here

  • Footer Image

This allows you to put a footer image if you’d like. You may also apply a plain background color instead.

  • Social Network Thumbnail

This is the image that gets shared whenever you click on the social network icon from the job post.

By default, the social network thumbnail looks like this:

  • Button Color

This will be your job portal’s default color for job title text, menu buttons and also on your Engage settings page in Vincere.

Once applied, it will be shown on your job portal like this:

Check out the free Chrome extension, ColorZilla, on the Chrome web store which allows you to match the colours of your website to your shiny new Job Board. Check it out here.

Don’t forget to hit the SAVE button at the bottom after updating your branding section.

🔥 PRO TIP: Having some issues when saving your changes? You might not have added your Company Name yet in the Default Settings section.

2. Custom Domain

This section allows you to mask the on your job portal. To start, login into your website hosting account and go to the DNS Settings.

You will need to add a CNAME record in the DNS Settings. Check with your website provider if you have difficulty with this.

Once done, go back to your job portal site settings in Engage and enter the domain you want your website visitors to see. Make sure it matches what you entered in your website hosting account.

Check this article for the step by step guide.

3. Email Sender Name

All emails from Engage are sent from

This section allows you to put an alias email BUT this does not replace as the default sender. You can put a recognisable email address such as or

When recipients receive an email from Engage, it will look like this:

4. Default Settings

In this section, you can put your default settings such as your job portal’s company name, job layout view, default language on your job portal and default currency.

  • Company Name

This will be your job portal’s company name and will also be used on all your emails in Engage.

  • Default Logo URL

This will be the landing page when your visitors click your company logo in the header banner.

Make sure that the URL you input starts with

  • Default Job View

You can select how your jobs are being displayed in the job portal.

List View: This will show your jobs in a listed view like this below:

Summary View: This will show your jobs including a short summary of the role.

5. Header Settings

In this section, you can customize and enable the header background color for your Job Portal.

By default, your job portal displays the banner image. You can select to use a background color instead of the image by selecting the boxes below.

6. Footer Settings

In this section, you can customize and enable the footer background color for your Job Portal.

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