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Release v16.4 June '21 | Vincere Core, Pay & Bill and Intelligence
Release v16.4 June '21 | Vincere Core, Pay & Bill and Intelligence

New Faceted Search, UI updates, Bulk send emails, Updates to Email Templates, Consolidated invoicing & self-billing, and much more.

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1/ *New* Introducing Faceted Search 🔎

In this release, we're bringing the power of facets into Vinny.

Faceted search is a technique that involves augmenting traditional search techniques with a faceted navigation system, allowing users to narrow down search results by applying multiple filters, helping you filter and refine Candidates to get specific matches.

This means that you'll be able to quickly narrow down (or broaden) results by combining several dimensions simultaneously (job title, skills, or industry) simply by clicking on boxes.

You not only save time without having to perform multiple searches... the icing on the cake is that Vinny shows you exactly how many Candidates there are per facet.

Please note: The initial release of Faceted Search is in BETA.

2/ GDPR Compliance Updates 🔒

You can now make bulk GDPR requests to Candidates:

  • Ask for Candidates’ permission on Consent to Keep or Right to Represent and how long you have their data.

  • View all GDPR data in one place with Privacy & GDPR Smart View: filter by Consent to Keep, Right to Represent, and by dates.

3/ Bulk sending emails via SendGrid

We've lifted bulk send email limits. Now you can easily send mass emails with our new SendGrid integration.

4/ Updates to Email Templates 📧

Based on feedback from you, we’ve made improvements to the user interface of our Email Template builder and the emails themselves. The email UI is being updated in two phases. This will be concluded in by the next release in Q3.

5/ User Interface Updates

Now with a cleaner & brighter look & feel: Pipelines, Main Menu, Document Builder, and much more.

a. Main Menu now has a new UI:

  • Clean and fresher UI

  • Rearrange your menu items: drag and drop to bring the important items to the top

  • Show More menu: group menu items into Show More menu to declutter your menu bar.

b. Search Menu dropdown:

  • Redesigned Search Menu with a brighter look

  • One click to reach Candidates / Applications / Jobs / Contacts / Company Advanced Search from the Search Menu dropdown

c. Dashboard (Welcome Pages): Stats, Calendar & Import previously listed under Dashboards have now been broken up to different menu items.

d. Job Table: Add option to hide / show Floated candidates in the Job’s Table filter.

e. Document Builder: now with a refreshed UI

f. Quick Add: lighter design to match the new UI

6/ Contact Greetings

For our German-speaking customers, this one's for you: gender-specific email salutations.

We’ve added a new Gender field to Contact profiles that lets you associate the proper greeting to each Contact when sending emails.

Head over to Admin Settings > System Preferences > 9. Email Greetings.

The greetings can also be added as wildcards for emails sent to Contacts in Email templates.


People in the back office: There’s a whole bunch of exciting updates just for you.

1/ Self-Bill Invoice management

Back office consultants can process & send Self-Bill invoices to the Candidate Company Representative / your Client.

2/ 1-Click Consolidated Invoicing

Instead of sending Clients separate invoices, you can now auto-consolidate multiple invoices into one, based on the time period.

3/ Expense Table Updates

We've added a bunch of updates to Expense:

  • Top level Expense Statistics: see Total Expense Report / Total Claims

  • New Quick View interface

  • New columns for expense and claim data

  • Column configuration with Smart View functions

4/ Expense Reports for TimeTemp Web and Mobile

Generate Expense Reports directly from the TimeTemp web and mobile apps.

5/ Actions on standalone expenses

Vincere will now automatically generate both Sales and Purchase or Self-Billing Invoices (with corresponding receipts) when a Client approves an Expense Report.

6/ Export Scheduler Updates

When admin users export data, they can now add Expense Report & Claim data in the templates.


1/ *New* Data Integrity Dashboard

Based on data scoring that is set by you, Vincere analyzes your database and visualizes the health of your database on one single dashboard. At-a-glance, the dashboard reveals:

  • Crucial gaps in your database: percentage of missing fields

  • Top data offenders: see who's contributing to dirty data

  • Duplicate candidates/contacts: identify & merge

  • Benchmarks against other rec firms in your space

2/ The Forecaster Enhancement

The Forecaster now includes a “Most Likely” calculation within the Job Health-check tab which gives you an alternative way to understand your Fee Forecast.

3/ Goal Console Update: First day of week

By default our Goals have been set following the ISO 8601 standard, which sets the first day of the week to Monday.

We've now updated this feature to allow you to change the first day of the week to Sunday.

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