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How to navigate Company Quick View

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1. Header & Pipeline


In the company quick view header are key details, including the company name, status, phone number, location, company owner, forecast fees, actual fees, and last activity date

In the upper right corner we have the associated brands and any social media links

Below the contact header you can see the stage the company is in, as in how far you are from signing terms with them

Below this we have the company brief Which you can add, view or edit from quick view. This contains any notes or comments you want to attach to this company


A visual representation of the current contacts in this company, where candidates are staged in the jobs associated with the company , and any tasks associated with it.

2. Details

This section contains some information about the company such as Fax number, Website, any URLs associated with the company, and industry.

3. Contacts

A list of all the contacts from this company with contact details and how far you are from signing terms with all these contacts

4. Brief

In the Brief section of Job quick view you can see any notes associated with the Company as well as edit existing notes or create a new note with a different title.

5. Activities

Any activities, comments, and tasks associated with this Company will be here

6. Emails

As long as your email account is connected (see HERE for information on how to do this) any email correspondence you have had with the contact will show in this tab, including the sent date, time, content of the email, attachments, and which consultant sent the email.

7. Jobs

In this section you will see all the jobs associated with this company and whether they are opened or closed. The pipelines under each job will also give you a visual representation of what stages are currently being filled and how many tasks have been logged on to these jobs. You will also see a bar to give you information about any floated candidates to this company

8. Actions

Check the upper right hand corner “Actions” to find many quick actions you can apply to your contact

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