Inside Vincere you can set up a Fee model per job or per company.

There are four fee model types to choose from:

  • % Based (Variable)

  • Retainer 

  • Fixed Fee

  • No fee Payable

🔥IMPORTANT: Fee models can only be configured for permanent jobs

To setup in Company Profile: 

  1. Click on a Company > Fee Model Tab

     2. Click on the Plus button: 

    3. Here, you can define a fee model - Choose a name and a type:

Once the setup is complete, the fee model will now be stored in the company’s profile under the fee model tab:

🔥PRO TIP: By setting up a fee model in a company’s profile, all jobs related to that company will have the same fee model type. 

To setup in the Job Profile:

  1. Click on a job > Compensation & Fee

2. Uncheck the “Use Quick Fee Forecast”

3. Create New Fee Model 

All done, now you're good to go 🎉


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