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v16.2 March '21 Release | Vincere Core and Pay & Bill
v16.2 March '21 Release | Vincere Core and Pay & Bill

More flexibility in Export Scheduler, Additional UK onboarding fields, New Umbrella companies creation

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1. Updates to Export Scheduler:

More flexibility in the Export Scheduler to support different payroll systems.

When exporting Invoices, you can now choose to export invoice line items by rows or by columns.

Note: you can now also choose to only export timesheet items that are generated via TimeTemp. By default, all invoice line items are included in the export.

2. Additional Candidate fields

We have added more fields in Field Configuration > Candidate Summary:

a. Limited Company Information: additional Candidate Company Bank details

b. Umbrella Company Information: Candidate Umbrella Company.

Note: Umbrella Company details are configurable in the Umbrella Companies settings - see #3 below.

c. United Kingdom:

  • Payroll Status

  • Wk1Mo1

  • Student Loan Category / Start Date / End Date

  • Postgraduate Loan Start Date / End Date

  • P45 Gross / P45 Tax

  • RTI Reference

  • Is CIS

  • CIS Status / Verification

  • SC Type

UK fields are also available in Candidate Onboarding tab. When selecting Country: United Kingdom, you will see these new fields on the right hand side panel.

Onboarding fields are only available and searchable to Vincere users who have permission.

๐Ÿ‘‰ For more information on onboarding fields, check out this article.

3. New Umbrella Companies details

You can now create Umbrella Companies in Organizational Settings, including their contact information, Bank Account Number, SWIFT code, etc. and link the Candidate to the Umbrella Company from the Candidate's profile.

Note: For Limited Company, you can add the Candidate Company details and banking information from the Candidateโ€™s profile.

Candidate Company fields are searchable and can be exported from the Export Scheduler.

This makes it fast and easy to apply an existing Umbrella Company or Limited Company to the Candidate when making a placement. All the relevant company information will be automatically applied.

4. Pay Code settings for Pay Levels & Overtime

When setting up Pay levels & overtime in Admin Settings > Compensation Page > Config table, you can now input the Pay Codes defined by your Payroll system.

The Pay Levels and Overtime Pay Codes are also available in Settings > 7. Invoice Settings.

From here, you will also be able to set permission to allow users to make changes on the Pay Codes directly from the Invoice details. Changes on the Pay Codes will be logged in the Invoice Activities tab.

When an invoice is generated, Vincere automatically links the Pay levels & overtime with the correct Pay Code.

5. New Formatting for Primary Phone Number

The Primary Phone for Candidates and Contacts now has a country flag to detect the country code of the primary phone number.

When entering the number in the field, the system will automatically format the phone number to ensure that the phone numbers in the system are in a consistent format.

6. New Document Builder wildcards for Formatted Resume:

Additional wildcards for Formatted Resume template:

  • Candidate Branch

  • Candidate Desired Industry

  • Candidate Desired Sub Industry

  • Candidate Desired Functional Expertise

  • Candidate Desired Sub Functional Expertise

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