Configuring the Candidate's Summary

You don’t need all the fields in your Candidate Summary? Don’t worry! This is all configurable ⚒️

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To do this, head over to Setting > Field Configuration > Candidate Summary > Custom Fields 

From the toolbox, simply drag and drop your shiny new fields, and existing fields anywhere you like on the Candidate Summary... that's right ANYWHERE - you can even create your own tabs too 😱   

To rearrange the way the fields are displayed, drag and drop the fields so that they’re in the desired position. Remember to press Save to apply the changes you've made to the records inside your system. 

To remove a field from a record type, simply press the ‘x’ button in the top right-hand corner of the field and then press Save. The field will then be removed from all records of that type across your entire database.

Voila - your new and existing fields front and center on the Candidates profile! 🧡

Impressed? You're welcome 🤘#TheVincereWay

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