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Pay & Bill Updates | Aug 20'

Add projects for employees, improved audit logs and enhanced visibility into employee schedules for managers & recruiters, and more.

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1/ Enhanced visibility into Employee schedules

We've added more details for Managers/Recruiter Admin to see more details about work schedules from the dashboard:

  • New toggle to view time worked / not worked

  • Clock in & out time

  • Break time

  • Hover over shows more details

2/ Usability enhancements for Mobile App

Improved copy functionality for hourly-based & daily-based timesheets:

Now when you copy shifts from one day to additional days, this will copy the clock in/ out time including break time.

A small nifty feature that will help make timesheet submission less of a hassle for your employees/candidates.

When viewing timesheets on the mobile app: shifts and breaks that are clocked or added will be shown for improved time tracking and visibility for employees.

3/ Improved Audit Logs for Approved Timesheets

This is one that many Vinny customers have asked for. #Vinnylistens

We've included more details and improved audit logs for the approved timesheets. The timesheet PDFs will now display:

  • Temp/Contractors name (Employee name) & email address

  • Approver(s) name (including multiple approvers) & email address

  • Approved date / time stamps & IP address

4/ Projects: Employees can add projects

Candidates / Employees can now create projects on their own and link them to the right company.

5/ Archived Candidates marked 'Archived' in Pay & Bill

When a candidate is archived in Vincere, their employee profile in TimeTemp (Pay & Bill) will be tagged with an 'Archived' label.

*Remember, Vincere has a two-stage candidate deletion process. Archiving a candidate is stage one.

Your candidate will still be able to access & use TimeTemp as an Employee.

6/ Deleted Candidates will be removed from Pay & Bill

Now, when you delete a candidate in Vincere, the candidate/ employee profile will also be deleted in Pay & Bill. This is useful for removing candidates from Pay & Bill or cleaning up test data.

This means that the following will be deleted from Pay & Bill when a candidate is deleted:

  • The candidate record

  • Their contracts/placements

  • The job (if they are the only contractor in the role)

  • Timesheets, leave requests & expenses

*Deleting a candidate is stage two of the candidate deletion process. This action cannot be undone.

7/ Deleted jobs in Vincere will be removed from Pay & Bill

When a job inside Vincere is deleted, the job will also be deleted in Pay & Bill:

  • Contracts, placements and employee of that job

  • Manager of the job (if they only have this job)

  • Timesheets, leave requests & expenses related to the job

Note: To delete a job, you will first need to undo all placements associated with the job.

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