Vincere has a two-stage process for deleting Candidates: only Super Users (Administrators) can permanently delete Candidates from the system - however, all users can delete from their views. 

Step 1: Simply check the Candidate(s) you want to delete > Actions > Archive > Provide a reason

The Candidate(s) are now removed from the user's view. They're still in the system but now they're sitting in an 'Archived candidates' folder. If this was a mistake and you want to bring the Candidate back to life simply go to Actions > Undo archive

Step 2: Here is where the Vincere Super User comes in. To permanently delete these Candidates from the system, Super Users need to go to Settings > Admin Settings > General Settings > 3. Archived candidates.

Super Users can then select any Candidates they want to delete permanently and hit delete - now all of this data is wiped from the system. 

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