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Archiving and Deleting Candidates
Archiving and Deleting Candidates
Learn how to archive or delete candidate(s)
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Vincere has a two-stage process for deleting Candidates: only Super Users (Administrators) can permanently delete Candidates from the system - however, all users can delete from their views.

Step 1: Simply check the Candidate(s) you want to delete > Actions > Archive > Provide a reason

The Candidate(s) are now removed from the user's view. They're still in the system but now they're sitting in an 'Archived candidates' folder.

To show archived candidates go to your filters and adjust here:

If this was a mistake and you want to bring the Candidate back to life simply go to Actions > Undo archive (make sure you adjust your filter so you can see them in table view)

Step 2: Here is where the Vincere Super User comes in. To permanently delete these Candidates from the system, Super Users need to go to Settings > Admin Settings > General Settings > Archived candidates.

Super Users can then select any Candidates they want to delete permanently and hit delete - now all of this data is wiped from the system.

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