We all want to place the right candidate but sometimes things happen - the candidate doesn’t show up, changed his mind or maybe you moved a candidate by mistake 😅

Don’t worry! Now you can undo the placement.

Here’s what happens when you undo a placement:

  1. The contract will be deleted from TimeTemp

  2. Any Managers, Employees and Recruiter accounts associated with the Job will be removed from TimeTemp

  3. Any unsubmitted timesheets will be deleted

  4. Related draft invoices will be deleted

NOTE: If related invoices are in Approved status, undo-ing a placement will not be allowed.

To undo a placement, go to the placed stage and just select the placement you wish to undo. When the actions panel appears on the right, select “Undo Placement” then “confirm”.

You can undo temporary, contract and permanent placements.

NOTE: This is now linked to analytics too. This means when you undo a placement or offer in Vincere, the KPI and Fee will also be removed from analytics! 

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